Wireless HDMI transmitter

Wireless HDMI installations (HDMI transmitter, HDMI extender, HDMI receiver, HDMI adapter, HDMI sender, HDMI repeater) allow:

1. To transmit HD movies, TV programs,games and music from the computer, labtop, Cablebox, Satellite, surveillance cameras, Tablet PC, smartphone, Blu-ray player, DVD player, game console Playstation, Xbox for any LCD or plasma TV set or HDMI projector.

2. Automatic installation after the connection (Plug and Play).

3. Supports all modern devices with HDMI.

4. Supports video formats 480p, 720p, Full HD 1080p, and 1080i (24/30/60/100 fps).

5. Supports the Formats Audio 5.1 channel digital audio.

6. The signal is transmitted through the walls, floor, ceiling and other obstacles.

7. There is no delay in the transmission signal.

8. Transmission range is 100 ft.

9. You can use multiple devices with the HD TV set or the projector.

The review of the most popular wireless HDMI transmitters

Model Enter Escape Length Control
Nyrius ARIES
Prime NPCS549
HDMI, USB HDMI 30 ft - $299
HDMI, USB HDMI 100 ft + $279
RCA Audio
Video cable
400 ft + $149
RF Link
RCA Audio
Video cable
300 ft - $160
4xHDMI HDMI 100 ft - $249
mini USB
HDMI 30 ft - $220
4xHDMI HDMI 30 ft + $199
4xHDMI HDMI 30 ft + $199


MORRIS BRAND I was rather confused before I was going to buy this wireless version. But the moment I received my order and plugged it in, I had no more question about its quality. Wow!

S_Snyder The wireless hdmi transmitter is getting quite warm after several minutes. It was used for about three hours without interruption and still it worked well. No skipping, jumping, lag, interruptions anything!

mccormick I live in Australia. Here the power adaptors are available only with US plugs. Still the adaptors work with a couple of plug adaptors with 240V supplies and got it all working. The product can be used with a Windows 7 media centre. It is connected via HDMI to two TV sets, one works with the system "pass through" and the other one works wireless. To my mind, the quality of picture is rather good but I wouldn't say "perfect". I can notice a few distortion.

A.WOodsON Can anybody answer me??? I can't guess where they get this 300 - 400 ft distance of the transmission. Perhaps if you are in the empty room with no objects in between it works!

Harris Bartley The TV in the kitchen was old. It only had a coxial input. The transmitters have rca connections. In this way the receiver ran through a rf modulator before coming to the tv. When the problem was solved, it worked just fine!

GERARD I've got an unpleasant problem with my neighbors. I don't know what wireless electronics they are using, but there is such interference that the product won't work in my house. There was the transmission of sound and picture but with different noises and disturbances of the picture. If you don't have such interference at your home, perhaps then you may take it.

BRANT TH The WiCast transmits HDMI from my HTPC. It goes through the wall over fifteen feet to my projector. The signal is perfect. I don't see any disturbances when playing about 1080p movies. The picture is great!

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