ASUS Wireless HDMI

6 Enhanced Characteristics of ASUS EW2000 Wireless HDMI for Wireless Paradise in Your Home

ASUS Wireless HDMI

Most of us spend many hours in front of a PC or a laptop. Very often there's a need of external, remote display of Internet or DVD content to a bigger monitor that is a TV screen. The task can be completed in a few ways. One of the most convenient ones is the usage of wireless HDMI boxes, ASUS wireless hdmi being one of them.

What Is ASUS EW2000 Wireless HDMI?

It's an original device, consisting of a small transmitter and a larger receiver, designed for quality transmission of high resolution (1080p) video and multi-channel video stream from a PC, laptop, video player, game console, etc., enhanced with the following features:

1. Wireless video broadcasting Full-HD 1080p with minimal delays (less than 1 millisecond which is less than in modern LCD monitors) at high speed (up to 3 Gb/s)

2. ASUS wireless HDMI provides wireless connection of such audio and video devices as Blu-ray players, game consoles, playstations, etc.

3. Convenience and mobility. There are no limitations in direction.

4. Power supply is provided from the USB-port or a wall outlet. There's no need to use an additional power box.

5. The distance of action is up to 10 m. The adapter units must be located in the same room in order to detect each other.

6. Convenience in usage. The only thing EW2000 ASUS wireless HDMI needs for work is HDMI terminal. No additional software or equipment is required.

How to Connect ASUS Wireless HDMI?

The instruction is pretty simple: the transmitter is connected to a laptop through HDMI cable, while the receiver is joined with a TV. After you provide power supply for the adapter's units, they find each other, which is confirmed by light indicators on the devices. The whole procedure takes no longer than 1 minute. After that you can transmit any content from a laptop to a bigger TV screen.

If you are still watching DVD movies and entertain yourself with computer games, connecting your laptop to the video panel because it's not possible to draw the cables from the base unit, plugged in the other room, get ASUS wireless HDMI and leave your troubles aside. The light and compact wireless adapter takes very little space, and you'll be able to play and watch DVD on a big screen without any mess with cables. Wow! That's a wireless paradise!

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