IR Transmitter and Receiver

RF Link AVS-5811 IR Transmitter: 4 Channels of Joy

IR Transmitter and Receiver

Wireless technology allows reaching ultimate levels of entertainment. You can watch 2 TVs simultaneously and having more systems allows you to enrich your home entertainment incredibly. IR transmitter and receiver is the system you definitely must have.

The system itself consists of two units, the transmitter and the receiver. The transmitter streams 5.8 GHz signal of digital video and hi-fi audio. Using this frequency allows avoiding interference with any of the existing Wi-Fi or Bluetooth networks, or any other devices like the microwave oven or video sender or cordless phone.

You can watch a movie in the living room; while your wife will be cooking dinner and watching her favorite TV show in the kitchen. HDMI transmitter allows streaming of high quality video and audio data up to 300 ft. away through walls, ceilings and floors. The transmitter unit itself is quite small and can be installed out of sight to take little to none place in your house.

Both modules of AVS-5811 IR transmitter and receiver have adjustable antennas, allowing pointing the receiver to the transmitter with the highest degree of accuracy. This allows receiving a high quality signal through several walls. This can even be used as a broadcast system to send the signal simultaneously to several users in adjacent rooms.

The units can be connected to any NTSC & PAL-compatible device like TV, DVD/DVR player, game console, VCR, Satellite receiver, etc. The system even supports connection to CCD camera along with the camcorder, allowing you to create a wireless surveillance system. Another suitable feature is connection to the speakers, allowing you to set up a wireless stereo background for your outdoors picnic or event.

Ease of control is another feature that IR transmitter and receiver benefits you. It is operated through the infrared (IR) controller, so you will be able to switch channels, pause or mute and do all the operations you are normally able to perform without even entering the room with the transmitter. Just point the IR remote to the device you wish to operate and adjust anything you wish.

To say even more, IR transmitter and receiver is capable of transmitting in 4 different channels, enabling you to have 8 devices connected in pairs to make your home system a pinnacle of entertainment.

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