Rocketfish wireless HDMI

Rocketfish RF-WHD210 Wireless HDMI: How to Create a Cable-Free Entertainment Room?

Rocketfish RF-WHD210 wireless HDMI

Arranging your living space at home, it's important to meet both aesthetic and functional requirements. However, these two often oppose each other.

A modern home is hard to imagine without HDTV and such devices as a Blu ray player or a game console, which need connection with each other and, thus, are supposed to pile up in a room. That was before.

And today we have a couple of smart solutions, such as Rocketfish wireless hdmi, relieving us from the need to arrange our living-rooms in awkward ways.

Rocketfish Wireless HDMI:
What Is There in the Kit?

• 4-port receiver

• two 4' HDMI cables

• Infrared remote control

• mounting hardware

• owner's manual

The Internet is full of positive reviews on the product.

Summarizing them and the information from the manufacturer the following benefits of the kit should be highlighted.

What Does Rocketfish Wireless HDMI Have to Offer?

• Support of full-HD 1080p resolution for the video&audio transmission of superior quality. Enjoy crystal-clear 5.1- and 7.1-channel surround sound and fantastically realistic 3D video!

• 60GHz frequency range of flawless video broadcasting.

• The transmitter of Rocketfish Wireless HDMI has 4 ports which provide a possibility of simultaneous connection of 4 devices to HDTV or projector.

• No interference from wifi, or other wireless devices.

• Steady direct signal, no disruptions even in case, when moving objects appear between the transmitter and receiver.

• Up to 30 feet of operating range within a room. Feel free to place your electronic items wherever you wish in the room and as far from HDTV, as you desire.

• Infrared remote control for superior comfort when operating the kit's units.

• Extremely easy and quick set up: it will take just 5 minutes of your time at most.

• Rocketfish RF-WHD210 wireless hdmi is a smart solution for a home theater with a projector, mounted into the ceiling.

Rocketfish wireless hdmi is a great opportunity to arrange your entertainment area in the house so that all the equipment is out of the sight, with the only exception made for the transmitter and the receiver, which must be located in the direct visibility of each other. However, with the kit's units being so lightweight and unobtrusive, this little condition won't create a problem for the perfect wireless design of your entertainment room.

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