VIZIO XWH200 Wireless HDMI: #1 Upgrade for Your Entertainment Room

XWH200 VIZIO Wireless HDMI

During the last 10 years manufacturers of computer component parts have made their goal to minimize the quantity of cables, joining different devices. And they have succeeded, indeed, - VIZIO wireless hdmi is a bright example of this success. Traditionally you have to clutter your playstation, Blu-ray player and a cable box around your HDTV.

And if you mount a perfectly flat TV screen on the wall, you'll have to break your head over how to arrange all the electronics near it in a neat way while hiding the unsightly cables. With VIZIO XWH200 wireless hdmi the task can be easily performed, and you won't have to resort to any extreme measures like, let's say, wall drilling.

Nowadays, wireless video and audio devices, presented broadly in the market, have promptly entered our homes. The transmission of everything that is going on your PC monitor or broadcasting from your mediaplayer to a remote monitor /TV screen, practically without any delays is a cable-free dream that has come true, thanks to such products as VIZIO wireless hdmi.

The device, actually, a kit consists of a receiver, connecting through HDMI to a TV or a monitor, and a transmitter, associated with PC or any other device with HDMI-output, a mediaplayer or a Bluray player, for instance. The transmitter has a few HDMI terminals which allow connecting up to 4 devices at a time and switch between them in no time.

Why Do Customers Opt for VIZIO Wireless HDMI?

• The product's technology allows transmitting uncompressed Full HD video with 60GHz frequency and sound in the format 5.1.

• The transmission is possible for the distance of 30 feet away within a room.

• VIZIO wireless hdmi is a great opportunity for home theatre setup: multiple cables are no longer the room's eyesore.

• The kit is a perfect solution for wall mounted HDTVs. Free choice of location for your HDTV in the room.

• Easy installation and no particular fiddling around with connection.

• No interference with Wi-Fi devices.

XWH200 VIZIO wireless hdmi is the best gift for your entertainment room or zone in the house. Watch high-definition movies, play your favorite video games, including, 3D and enjoy the best quality of video and audio transmission in the comfort of your own home.

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