Wireless HDMI extender

Nyrius NY-GS3200 Wireless HDMI with Remote Extender Is Just Excellent!

Wireless HDMI Transmitter and Receiver

Wireless is an incredibly useful technology, allowing you to send and receive signals... yes, wireless! The system consists of a transmitter and a receiver, which can be connected the way you need to ensure the maximum efficacy and convenience of use. Nyrius NY-GS3200 Wireless HDMI Extender is a 100% hit!

Wireless allows you to stream your digital video and audio data through your house to enable watching it on a standalone TV set in another room. The transmitter may be placed in the center of the house, in your living room, for example.

It will produce a powerful 5.8GHz radio signal (which does not interfere with 2.4 GHz standard Bluetooth or Wi-Fi networks), capable of transmitting data up to 400 ft. away in all directions, through walls, floors and ceilings.

Your wife may watch her favorite TV show while cooking dinner, and you will watch a baseball match simultaneously, as each receiving device can be controlled separately. Your main TV may be located in your living room and you will still be able to watch a movie late at night in your bedroom without the need to get up and go to that room. Your son will be able to play his favorite games on a console in his room without disturbing you watching the TV-show in the living room, etc.

The possibilities are infinite. Secondary devices (connected to receiver) may be placed anywhere around 400 ft. of the transmitter: on the balcony, in the basement, even outdoors for a picnic, in the kitchen or in your kids' room. Adjustable antennas help to calibrate the streaming to receive crystal clear sound and digital video.

You can connect any RCA-compatible device to Nyrius NY-GS3200 Wireless HDMI Extender. Your DVD player may be stationed in the living room yet it will be controlled from anywhere in your home using a remote infrared extender. Switching channels, pausing and rewinding, adjusting sound - you are able to control every aspect of the stream without even being close to the player. Any devices like TVs, gaming consoles, DVD players and sub-woofers can be controlled that way.

One of the best things about Wireless HDMI sender is that the system is upgradeable. Who said you can have only 1 receiver? Why not install 4? One unit for the kitchen, one for the bedroom, one for kids' room, and one for the balcony or anywhere you need. That way your whole family is able to have multiple sources of entertainment using the single transmitter.

Nyrius NY-GS3200 Wireless HDMI sender is a top notch choice, matching all your needs and providing you with undisputed quality and efficacy of performance!

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